Automated Message Transcription

Today the engineering team at On Call Central released one of the most frequently-requested features: automated transcription. Video demo below. As of today, all messages left using either the On Call Central paging module or email module will have automated … Read More

Creative Daytime Uses for On Call Central

While our service is most commonly used after business hours, it can also be a useful tool to take advantage of during the day. There are two ways that On Call Central can be creatively used during your normal operating … Read More

How We Work With Outside Practices In Your Call Pool

Different Answering Services Within the Call Pool   One of the most common reservations we hear from prospective clients is that they’re in a call pool with offices that use other answering services. We’re here to let you know that … Read More

8 Ways to Reduce After Hours Call Volume in Medical Practice

8 Ways to Reduce After Hours Call Volume in Medical Practice   Every medical practice must deal with managing after-hours consults and patient care requests. Unfortunately, most live operators are not medically trained, and can do a poor job of … Read More

Overview of the On Call Central Dashboard

On Call Central Dashboard The Dashboard is the first screen encountered when you login to your On Call Central web interface. This guide, as well as the accompanying video, provides an overview of the dashboard and goes into detail about … Read More

On Call Load Balancing Module

Today we released a feature that has been in the works for several months: fully automated round robin call distribution. This is deployed via a new On Call Balancing module. Rather than linking to a single call schedule, the On … Read More

A Guide To Sound Voice Menu Design

One of the features that adds great flexibility to On Call Central is the ability to create multiple voice menus and schedule when certain menus will play. Voice menu scheduling allows you to create customized caller experiences that are appropriate … Read More

Hurricane Irma Update and FAQs

While some of our users in southeast Texas are still recovering from Harvey, those in south Florida and the east coast are preparing for the impact of Irma. We’ve fielded several calls, emails, and support tickets on this topic, so … Read More

Automating Management of Overflow Call Volume

Summary Sporadically high call volume is an increasingly common issue in the modern medical practice.  Peak call times, such as Monday mornings, lunch, and closing time are often characterized by inbound call volume that exceeds a practice’s ability to immediately … Read More

Case Study: Family Practice Associates of Lexington