We pick up on the first ring every time!

One of the largest inconveniences of a live answering service is that, as humans, the operators have a limited capacity to handle high call volumes. This can lead to your patients being placed on hold for extended periods of time. This can be frustrating for your patients and is a potential risk to their health if their call is urgent. When using our system there is no pause in service; our system picks up immediately when a call is forwarded to us. This process results in the provider receiving a patient’s message promptly and eliminates the time a live intermediary would take. If your patients have experienced extensive hold times in the past, then you will surely enjoy the efficiency of our service. In addition to using On Call Central during after hours for no-hold answering, you can also use our system to be more effective at dealing with high call volumes during your practice’s daytime hours of operation. Overflow calls can be forwarded to us and can be addressed more quickly than if the callers were to remain on hold.