See How On Call Central Can Work For You

On Call Central is packed with powerful features that take the frustration out of managing after hours calls. From our simple drag and drop call schedule editor, to our iOS and Android applications, our technology gets rid of error-prone, medically untrained operators, and saves you money in the process.

Mobile Apps

Powerful iOS and Android applications that bring our core functionality to the palm of your hand. Listen and respond to your On Call Central messages. Initiate calls to patients and colleagues, even if it is not in response to a message. View and update your call schedule. Update how On Call Central contacts you. All from your mobile device.

Elegant Call Schedule Management

Manage your call schedule with a simple drag and drop interface. Set call schedules for the entire month in a matter of minutes. Create one time exceptions. Do all of this from the web interface or mobile applications.

Multiple Voice Menus

Do you need a different caller experience at lunch? What about holidays, or an emergency office closure due to bad weather? On Call Central allows you to create multiple voice menus, and then schedule them to play according to either a recurring schedule, or a one time exception. You get full control of caller experience, all in an easy-to-use interface.

Fully-Automated Documentation

On Call Central records and retains every patient message for as long as you are a client. Additionally, we keep a comprehensive log of all notifications sent to providers, as well as timestamps of when messages are heard. Know what happened and when, all automatically.

Automatically Block Caller ID

Don’t want patients getting your mobile and home phone numbers? Tired of blocking caller ID, and then forgetting to unblock it later? On Call Central automatically replaces your providers’ caller ID with the caller ID of your practice, so your providers no longer have to do this manually.

Knowledgable Support

On Call Central provides 24/7/365 support for emergency issues. Routine issues such as call schedule management, voice menu creation, and altering contact preferences, are self-service issues and managed through the user-friendly On Call Central web interface.

Multi-Language Support

On Call Central can be configured to support both English and Spanish options. Additional language support can be added as well. Ask us how!

Comprehensive API

On Call Central features a comprehensive REST API that can be used to power integrations with other information systems. Contact us today about integrating On Call Central with your EHR, Practice Management System, or other application.