Video Library

View videos of On Call Central in action.

What Is On Call Central?

Learn the basics of On Call Central, what it does, and how it can work for your practice.

5 Things To Do Next With On Call Central

You've just gotten your account. Now, here are five things you can do to make sure your On Call Central experience is as smooth as possible.

Customer Testimonial

See how Central Kentucky Anesthesia has used On Call Central to scale its post-operative acute pain management program.

Working With Covering Providers

Many practices collaborate with colleagues when it comes to handling call. Here's how to make that work in On Call Central.

How To Forward Calls To On Call Central

If you're going to use an answering service, you have to forward your calls. Here's how.

Working With the Call Log & Audio Files

On Call Central produces a ton of documentation. Here's how to use the call log and the dashboard audio files.

Initiating Return Calls Through SMS

Here's how to initiate return calls to patients through SMS.

Updating Your Billing Information

Need to update your credit card or ACH account on file? Here's how.