Custom Solutions Powered By On Call Central

On Call Central Enterprise is a premium service that helps solve complex communications and reporting challenges. Enterprise users receive access to the On Call Central API, dedicated developer time, and access to developer support resources. Need custom mobile applications? Not a problem. We provide priority technical support to named contacts, and can construct custom SLAs for your organization. On Call Central Enterprise helps address even the most challenging communications workflows.

Custom Mobile Applications

Need features added or removed from our standard iOS and Android applications? Want your own logo on the app? With On Call Central Enterprise, we can customize, brand and distribute our mobile applications according to your enterprise’s needs.

Custom Onboarding

If your organization requires a large implementation, On Call Central can assist with the development of custom implementation utilities that collect data and automatically create any number of On Call Central accounts according to your specifications.

Priority Support

On Call Central Enterprise offers priority support to help ensure the most rapid troubleshooting and resolution of service issues.

Dedicated Developer Time

On Call Central Enterprise clients receive credits for up to 10 hours per month of dedicated developer time to support custom functionality and reporting requirements.

Custom Service Level Agreements

On Call Central Enterprise offers your organization custom service level agreements to help ensure the fastest resolution of critical issues you might encounter.

API Access & Developer Support

Enterprise customers get access to On Call Central’s extensive REST API and developer support. Take our data and use it to build custom solutions and analytics that support your organization’s business objectives.