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White Papers | On Call Central

White Papers

Reducing After Hours Call Volume

A large number of On Call Central clients are interested in reducing after hours call volume for their providers. Download this white paper to learn:

  • Several tips that can reduce calls by 50% or more
  • How to structure voice menus to minimize the number of notifications your providers receive
  • How to automate several common types of phone calls without involving the provider
  • How subtle differences in word choice can impact a caller’s behavior


Automating Management of Overflow Call Volume

Sporadically high call volume is an increasingly common issue in the modern medical practice.  Peak call times, such as Monday mornings, lunch, and closing time are often characterized by inbound call volume that exceeds a practice’s ability to immediately address patient requests.  During these high traffic periods, waiting times exceed management’s targets, call abandonment rates rise significantly, and patients become frustrated by poor customer service.  Download this on call central white paper to learn:

  • How call abandonment rates can exceed 75% during exceptionally busy times of the week
  • What technical infrastructure you need to successfully automate overflow call volume
  • How voice menu logic and wording will impact call abandonment rates
  • Four tips for optimizing the wording of voice menus
  • Three approaches to tracking your responses to overflow calls


Simple Steps for Earning Points on Patient Centered Medical Home 1B

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is widely recognized as a standard of quality in medical practices. Practices choosing to pursue PCMH recognition invest months of time, personnel resources, and capital to compile the materials necessary to undergo PCMH review. Once committed to the PCMH process, many practices find themselves hunting for every point possible, either to achieve base line PCMH Level 1 recognition, or to attain a higher level of PCMH certification through a re-review. Based on feedback we have received from our clients, On Call Central can help in the process of attaining PCMH recognition, and can do so in a very specific, measurable manner. This On Call Central white paper provides an overview of how On Call Central can assist your practice in securing points, all while saving you money. Request a copy of this white paper today.