Creative Daytime Uses for On Call Central

While our service is most commonly used after business hours, it can also be a useful tool to take advantage of during the day. There are two ways that On Call Central can be creatively used during your normal operating hours. The first is by forwarding your overflow calls to us. You can set up your phones so that during daytime hours if all lines are busy the overflow calls forward to us. This results in the caller hearing a greeting menu stating that all lines are busy and they may either call back later or leave a message for the staff and be called back. This is an easy way to optimize your On Call Central experience and to make sure that no urgent calls slip through the cracks.


The second way to creatively use On Call Central during normal operating hours is by having a daytime menu play essentially alleviating some receptionist duties from your staff. This menu can serve as a first stop for callers to sort the daytime calls to the appropriate person. This could automatically sort calls about appointments to one person, calls about billing to another, and calls about patient care to another without any effort on the receptionist’s end. Daytime calls can go through to the correct person via a live call or by having the caller leave a brief message about their inquiry which we then deliver to the appropriate person.


Both of the above are ways that our system can work for you during daytime hours, and the best part is that both are already included in your On Call Central service so there are no additional fees for implementing either service. If you believe that using our system for your daytime calls makes sense for your business and you don’t currently do so please reach out to us at 1-855-5ON-CALL.