How We Work With Outside Practices In Your Call Pool

Different Answering Services Within the Call Pool


One of the most common reservations we hear from prospective clients is that they’re in a call pool with offices that use other answering services. We’re here to let you know that that is perfectly fine. You can use our system even if other doctors in your call pool use a different answering service.


How does that work?


When we setup your account we collect the name and number of your covering doctors so that when they are covering your call we know who to send the messages to. On your end it’s as simple as scheduling the timeframe when a different doctor is covering your call. It’s really as simple as that one click of a button. During that time frame if you receive any urgent messages, they will automatically be sent to the covering physician’s phone number you provided at setup. When that time frame ends and it’s time for you to take your own call again the system automatically switches the notifications back to you.


If you have any questions or concerns about how On Call Central works with call pools don’t hesitate to reach out to us!