Hurricane Irma Update and FAQs

While some of our users in southeast Texas are still recovering from Harvey, those in south Florida and the east coast are preparing for the impact of Irma. We’ve fielded several calls, emails, and support tickets on this topic, so … Read More

Automating Management of Overflow Call Volume

Summary Sporadically high call volume is an increasingly common issue in the modern medical practice.  Peak call times, such as Monday mornings, lunch, and closing time are often characterized by inbound call volume that exceeds a practice’s ability to immediately … Read More

On Call Central Customer Satisfaction Survey

Last week we conducted our first formal customer satisfaction survey.  Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, since a large portion of our growth is driven by customer referrals.  Though additional responses may trickle in, we now have enough data … Read More

On Call Central Detailed Demonstration

Patient Centered Medical Home 1 Element B

Several practices recently have approached us as part of an initiative to achieve Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition.  For those who may be interested in learning more, the below presentation from a recent NCQA standards workshop is a great … Read More

Avoiding Gmail Spam Filters

On Call Central clients recently have contacted us stating that messages from On Call Central have not been received in their Gmail accounts.  The issue is the very erratic Gmail spam filter, and the video below shows you how to … Read More

Case Study: Family Practice Associates of Lexington

How Does On Call Central Handle Non-Urgent Calls?

A common question from people interested in On Call Central is, “How does an automated system determine if a call is urgent or non-urgent?” This is a great question that is on the mind of many people. As with any … Read More

Setting iPhone SMS Ringtones for On Call Central

SMS messaging is the most common notification method for On Call Central users, and the iPhone is the most common phone. One request we receive from our users is how to set make their iPhone play a different tone when … Read More

How To Forward and Unforward Phones

We occasionally get clients who are completely new to using an answering service and have a basic question: How do you forward your phones? Forwarding Phones To forward your phones to On Call Central, do the following: Using the phone … Read More