On Call Central Mobile Application Update: More Call Log

This morning we released an over-the-air update to the On Call Central mobile applications for iOS and Android. To update to the latest code, simply exit and reopen the app; there should be no need to re-download from the App Store. The main purpose of this release was to extend the mobile application and optionally display the entire call log. While many providers care only to access those messages intended for them, many practice administrators wanted the ability to review all calls, even those that are non-urgent, or which involve billing or appointment issues.

Specific changes in this release include:

  • In the messages section of the app, you now will see a gear icon in the upper right. Clicking the gear allows you to toggle between seeing only messages that are left for you and viewing the full call log. Please note that your On Call Central permissions still rule here; if your username does not have sufficient permissions to view the full call log, it will not be displayed.

The call details area now includes…wait for it…far more call details. Additionally, you will find a more user-friendly interface, including any return calls providers may have placed in response to the message.

  • The updated call details area includes a newer, more responsive, audio player.
  • Since you now have the option of seeing all calls, we wanted to make sure it still was clear which messages specifically were intended for you. Each message, therefore, clearly states the intended recipient, and messages intended for you are highlighted with “Me.”
  • Since users with sufficient permissions are able to access the entire call log, we have ensured that messages only will be marked “Heard” if it is the intended recipient who listens to the message on the mobile app.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this update, and feel free to open a ticket if you experience any issues when using this code.