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About On Call Central | On Call Central

About Us

On Call Central was a back of the napkin idea. At a holiday party several years ago, Dr. VanNess and a colleague were discussing better ways to manage  phone calls from patients and colleagues.  A basic logic diagram of the idea was drawn on the back of a cocktail napkin, and some months later a prototype of On Call Central was in place. The software has evolved enormously since that time (in fact, nearly nothing of the original code remains) and On Call Central now handles high call volume in nearly every specialty of medicine.

Sidney VanNess, Ph.D.

Sidney VanNess, Ph.D., CEO & Founder

Sidney is a science geek, turned investment banker, turned entrepreneur.  After completing his undergraduate work in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Centre College, Sidney completed his Doctoral research under the direction of Professor Clinton Kilts in the Department of Molecular and Systems Pharmacology at Emory University.  He served first as a Research Analyst, then VP, Investment Banking for White Mountain Capital, LLC, and focused on small, development stage pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  Sidney founded On Call Central’s parent company in 2003.

Hemesh Patel, MD

Hemesh Patel, MD, Director of Business Development

Dr. Hemesh Patel is the Director of Business Development at On Call Central. Dr. Patel completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky, and attended medical school at Central America Health Sciences University. Prior to joining On Call Central, Dr. Patel held a variety of research and clinical positions in UK’s College of Pharmacy and Central Baptist Hospital, and served as a Senior Medical Associate at Doctor to Doctor Sales Solutions. He is amazed that Apple can “fit all that” into an iMac.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith, Director

Scott Smith is the CEO of Stratose and sits on the board of On Call Central.   Scott co-founded Stratose in 1995, and has helped payor clients save in excess of $10B. Today Scott oversees M&A, strategic product initiatives and customer relationships. In addition to his duties with Stratose and On Call Central, Scott sits on the board of HealthLink Dimensions and  CareLike, LLC. Other community service appointment include: Young Presidents Organization member; lifetime member of University of Kentucky alumni association; and former YEO member. Scott was listed as one of the “Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta” by Catalyst Magazine in 2003 and 2004 for companies between $5-$100 million in revenue. He was an Ernst & Young 1998 and 1999 National Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and the winner of the Southeast Region Entrepreneur of the Year. He was named a University of Kentucky Patterson Fellow and inducted into Gatton Hall of Fame in 2011.

Bryan K. Rone, M.D.

Bryan K. Rone, M.D., Clinical Advisor

Dr. Bryan Rone is an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Medical Director of Ambulatory Information Technology at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Rone was perplexed when he was given an alpha-numeric pager when he started his employment at the University of Kentucky.  He knew there was a better way.  Over a Christmas party, Dr. Rone and Dr. Vanness began to plan the pager’s extinction with a pen and a napkin.  This initial idea and drawing has now morphed into On Call Central.  Dr. Rone currently uses On Call Central in his practice and contributes to the overall functionality and continued design to ensure that our client’s needs are being met.

Matthew Schumacher

Matthew Schumacher, Systems Engineer

Matthew Schumacher is responsible for the overarching technical infrastructure of On Call Central.  Matthew is an expert Linux systems administrator who understands everything from databases and telephony to Sendmail and the Linux kernel.  When the Dark Side threatens, Matthew saves the day with a three line Perl script that restores order to the galaxy.  Yeah, he knows regular expressions.