Customizability and Flexibility Using Protocols and Departments

When using our software you can tailor certain aspects of it to suit your needs. This includes being able to customize your department(s) and protocols. If your practice has multiple specialties, or multiple providers on call simultaneously you can have more than one department to accommodate this. Notification intervals, which are the amount of time that elapses between each notification, can also be set on a custom, department based level. Status settings are the methods by which a provider is contracted with notifications. These settings are set on a user level so that each provider can choose the specific series of ways in which they’re notified of a message (call, text, email). In general, there are many aspects of our software and you account with us that are customizable. Permissions, which are the extent of access to an account that providers are allowed, are adjustable per user. Additional personalised details of an account include the number of notifications providers receive, the functions on the keypad for a voice menu, the greetings for different menus, and more. It is very rare that we cannot make an alteration to an aspect of an account that suits your practice’s needs.