On Call Central Customer Satisfaction Survey

Last week we conducted our first formal customer satisfaction survey.  Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, since a large portion of our growth is driven by customer referrals.  Though additional responses may trickle in, we now have enough data to make some pretty good conclusions regarding customer satisfaction. Overall, 36% of our customers responded to the survey—significantly higher than the response rate for most web-based surveys.  The survey asked two simple questions.  They were:

  • On a scale of ten (10 being the highest), how likely is it that you would recommend On Call Central to a friend or colleague?
  • How would you rate our customer service on a scale of ten, with ten being the highest?

The score for each of these questions was exactly the same.  Across the population surveyed, On Call Central received a 9.88 out of a possible 10 for both of these questions.  Thanks to our customers for this feedback.  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to fill out our survey, please do so!  As always, feel free to email us with suggestions for product improvement.