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Welcome Ringadoc Users! | On Call Central

Welcome Ringadoc Users!

If you are visiting On Call Central from the Ringadoc Transition Guide, you already are familiar with the concept of an automated answering service. On Call Central should be a fairly easy transition for you. We have created this page to provide you the answers to your most common questions, including pricing. If you’d like to get started, click the link below, or call us at 1-855-566-2255.


On Call Central’s standard rate is $100/account every four weeks, which includes one provider. Additional providers are billed at a rate of $50 every four weeks. This is a flat rate that includes unlimited minutes and permanent MP3 audio recordings of all inbound messages and live return calls to patients. On Call Central does not have any long-term contract. You can leave at any time simply by providing notice. The only other charge is a one time $50/provider setup fee. This covers voice prompt recording, full custom setup, testing, and training.


We have received the following questions many times since Ringadoc announced it will be shutting down. Below are answers to the most common questions asked.

How does On Call Central work?

On Call Central is functionally similar to Ringadoc. We provide your practice a local or toll-free phone number to which you forward phones when you need to go on service. Based on the rules we have configured, On Call Central will play a greeting that is customized for your practice. We will filter out non-urgent calls and handle them without contacting the on call provider. For urgent issues, we capture a call back number and message, then alert the on call physician according to your predefined preferences. Providers can call patients back on a recorded line and On Call Central will protect the provider’s personal contact information. Here’s a demonstration.

How long have you been in business, and are you stable?

On Call Central has been in business since 2008. We have customers in all areas of the country and service well over a million phone calls annually. We are stable, profitable, and aren’t going anywhere.

What kind of customer support do you have?

On Call Central offers 24/7/365 customer support with a live human being; this is one of the primary means by which we differentiate our business from the competition. During regular office hours, if you call us, a live human being will pick up the phone and help address your issue. After business hours, a live agent also would answer your phone call, and will dispatch your customers service request to the on call engineer, who promptly will return your call. Most requests are addressed within a matter of minutes.

Ringadoc is providing free service for the month of April! If I want to use On Call Central, when do I need to let you know?

It’s great that Ringadoc is providing free service for the month of April–definitely the right thing to do for their users. For people wishing to switch to On Call Central, we ask that you DO NOT wait until the end of April to contact us and setup your account. Each On Call Central account is customized with audio files, and configurations that are specific for each practice. We then test each account carefully and train users prior to launch. As part of our commitment to customer service, we set each of these accounts up individually for our clients. If you are sure you want to use On Call Central, please let us know now; we will get your account configured, but will set things up so that you are not being billed until after your Ringadoc service concludes. This will help ensure that all new users have a customized, well-tested account and that we have an opportunity to provide all of our users the level of customer service they expect and deserve.

Can I get a local phone number in my area? How about a toll free number?

We generally can get you a local phone number in your area. If you would like the option of a toll free number, that can be provided for a charge of $10/month.

How do I share call with another practice?

Many practices share call with other practices and need to arrange a means of handling scenarios when another practice is taking their call. There are two ways of handling this with On Call Central:

  • Create a separate voice menu to use during times where another practice is covering your call. In this situation, all of your non-urgent options will remain in effect (likely being directed to your office staff for the following business day), but the option to notify the on call provider simply will redirect to the other provider’s office or answering service. This arrangement allows urgent issues to go to the other provider in your call pool, yet does not burden them with non-urgent issues that pertain only to your practice (billing, appointments, etc.). This first option is simple to configure, is included free of charge, and is the most common means of handling shared call.
  • Add external providers to your On Call Central account, and put them on the call schedule when they are covering call. If the other provider also has an On Call Central account, we will not charge anything additional for adding them to your account; if the provider is not currently an On Call Central user, an additional charge will apply.

Our group practice has a rotating call schedule. How does that work?

On Call Central makes it easy to set up a call schedule for your multi-physician practice and modify it as needed. Because the system automatically knows which doctor is on call, you’ll never get a 2:00am call that’s meant for your colleague.

A simple drag and drop interface lets you define a call schedule template for your practice, and drag the right physician to the right day. Managing and modifying the call schedule for an entire month can literally be done in less than minute.

Does On Call Central support multiple call schedules and departments?

Yes. On Call Central supports multiple departments and call schedules. We make it easy to direct callers to the right department, and then if needed, contact the person on-call for that department.

Does On Call Central allow me to leave a message for a patient without returning their call?

We know this is a feature Ringadoc offers, and we know some providers find it convenient. Ringadoc’s feature allows you to return a message to a patients device; there is no way of determining if the message is going to the actual patient. Leaving a message containing sensitive medical information without the ability to determine if that message is being delivered to the intended recipient creates a significant HIPAA risk, and very likely is illegal. We simply are not going to do that.

Are the call routing capabilities flexible?

Extremely flexible. Your established call routing sequences are enhanced by the ability to forward or re-route calls as desired. Need another physician to take your calls for an hour or two? No problem. Simply login to On Call Central and enter your changes. And, there’s no limit to how many routing changes you can make. You can even specify how to receive notification of patient messages, such as by pager or as a text message on your cell phone.