Alaska Ear, Nose & Throat

Jerome List, D.D.S., M.D. is not your average ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. He’s also an experienced oral surgeon who speaks English, Spanish and Russian. Dr. List is a solo physician in private practice at Alaska Ear, Nose & Throat, Inc. where he delivers medical services related to the head and neck. He is an active member of the Board of Directors for the Alaska EHR Alliance and a member of the Alaska State Medical Association Information and Technology committee. For Dr. List, keeping patients safe while protecting their privacy has always been a priority. While his electronic health record (EHR) system provides strong documentation, Dr. Lists’ after-hours answering service was a gap in his otherwise safe and secure medical practice. Until he found On Call Central. “After using On Call Central,” Dr. List states, “I would never in a million years go back to a live answering service. It’s a very innovative tool, and the people behind the product are extremely responsive.”