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How We Compare | On Call Central

How We Compare

From reliability to risk management, On Call Central out-performs traditional medical answering services every time. Especially if you need a solution that’s flexible enough to meet your specific needs – and secure enough to protect your patient’s sensitive data.

Answering Service On Call Central


Accurate/Correct Callback Information Not always Always
Strict Adherence to On-Call Schedules Not always Always
Satisfactory/Superior Patient Experience Not always Always

Risk Management

Timestamps, Records & Archives Calls dots check
Records all Patient Interactions dots check
Notifies Physician Until Call is Returned dots check
Protection Against Un-Returned Calls dots check
Notifies Backup Physician if Primary is Unavailable dots check

Costs & Revenues

Affordable, Fixed-Cost Solution dots check
No Per-Call, Connection or Other Fees dots check
Requires Medical Society Membership Not always No

Security & HIPAA Support

Eliminates “Middleman” Risk dots check
Password Protection dots check
Encrypted Data dots check
Automated Data Backups dots check


Automatic Call Routing dots check
Easy On-Call Schedule Management Not Always check
Ability to Control Preferences for Notification dots check
(Land Line, Cell, Text Message, Pager or Email) dots check
Patient Calls After Hours
Step 1

Patient Calls After Hours

Voicemail Saved & Timestamped
Step 2

Voicemail Saved & Timestamped

Provider Notified on Device
Step 3

Provider Notified on Device

Provider Listens to Voicemail
Step 4

Provider Listens to Voicemail

Provider Calls Patient
Step 5

Provider Calls Patient

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