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On Call Central:Toledo's Medical Answering Service

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What is On Call Central?

On Call Central replaces the live doctors answering service with a more secure, flexible and reliable call management solution that automatically routes, documents and archives after hours patient phone calls. Call centers typically employ poorly trained operators that lead to high staff turnover and create a HIPAA “middleman” practice management risk. By eliminating live operators, who are the weakest link in the communication chain, On Call Central improves patient communication while automatically establishing strong documentation of after hours calls. We can even help you get paid for after hours phone calls.

What Makes On Call Central Better?

Traditional medical call centers just don’t deliver the rich feature set found within On Call Central, including:

  1. Automatic time stamping and call documentation, with optional recording and archiving of all patient calls and communications.
  2. The option to flag specific patient calls, such as prescription refills, as billable events. This automated feature makes it easier to bill patients for non-urgent after hours medical services.
  3. A detailed log of all patient calls – both incoming and outgoing.
  4. An intuitive call management interface that makes it easy to create and modify your call schedule.

How does On Call Central work?

After regular office hours, simply forward your phones to On Call Central in lieu of transferring your incoming calls to a live doctors answering service. We take care of the rest! When a patient calls after hours, On Call Central records their message, time stamps the call and logs a call-back number. Next, our system automatically informs the on-call provider that a new message has arrived, contacting them using their preferred device – cell phone, pager or land line. When the provider retrieves the message, On Call Central uses the patient’s designated call‐back number to seamlessly connect the provider to the patient. Watch our video to see how to see how On Call Central works.

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Benefits of On Call Central

  • Reduces risk associated with after hours calls
  • Improves patient care
  • Protects physician privace
  • Enhances physician group communication
  • Transcribed notes become medical records
  • Nothing to install; no special equipment needed
  • Flexible, access calls anywhere, phone or internet
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant system